Infidelity Counseling

Relationships are important to each of us. As such, we develop relationships with our co-workers, within our civic groups, and in many other aspects of our lives. However, those relationships that play the most important role in our lives are those vital connections to the ones closest to us – be it a marriage or life partner. These relationships have the power to influence us and our actions. This affects every aspect of our being – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. Consequently, when pain is caused, recovering from it and moving forward is a must.

When it comes to those committed relationships– be it marriage or life partner arrangement- most people enter into it with plans to be there for the years ahead. Promises are made, households are joined, trips are planned and dozens of daily routines get adjusted to be done as a couple rather than as solo. But these plans can fall apart – especially when infidelity enters the relationship!  

There are few things that can damage a relationship like the betrayal caused by cheating. But that doesn’t mean a relationship can’t be repaired after infidelity. However, the amount of repair is determined by how much work the couple is willing to do – both separately and together.

Infidelity is not just a minor problem. It breaks the bounds of trust, tears down one’s security as well as triggers insecurities, and causes mental, emotional, spiritual and, sometimes, physical pain, often leaving the betrayed individual feeling inadequate and unlovable.

But, despite the pain that infidelity can bring, there is hope.  Just because a relationship has been damaged by infidelity, it is not irreparable. As a licensed Charlotte, NC counselor with years of experience, I have developed a holistic approach to counselling which incorporates the mind, body and spirit so that your relationship is not just restored but stronger than before.

As a marriage counsellor, I teach couples how to better communicate their needs and concerns, they become more self-aware – not just of their own preferences and desires, but of each other’s. This approach then creates a stronger relationship. Through a series of sessions held both as a couple, as well as through individual meetings, each person learns how to build a better relationship –which is especially needed in the aftermath of infidelity. 

Throughout the counseling sessions, we will talk about the results of the affair and what changes need to be made to prevent it ever happening again. In addressing the ramifications of the cheating head on, you and your partner will be able to return to a healthy, balanced relationship. With each meeting, you and your partner will be given tools to help you identify and adopt new thinking patterns and modify behaviors so you can take the steps needed to affair-proof your relationship.

As a counselor, I feel it is vital that the cause of the problem(s) be determined in order to reduce the risks of it happening again. I use techniques such as employing 12 step programs, understanding one’s personality traits and strengths, and teaching people how to set and maintain healthy boundaries. I believe that counseling can help couples dealing with infidelity to recover from the affects and effects and to be healthier than ever before.  Whether you are in a heterosexual, monogamous, LGBTQ or open relationship, I am here to help you build the best and strongest relationship you can have.