Couples Counseling

Dealing with Trouble

These days, couples are pulled in many directions and are therefore under significant stress. Over the course of one’s marriage, couples can become distant, disconnected and the relationship is a drain to one’s energy instead of enriching it. We are generally not taught how to communicate our feelings and needs effectively in our family or origin so over time resentments, disappointments, and misunderstandings can add up.

Let me teach you how to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and find joy in your relationship again. Our intimate relationship holds within it our best growth opportunity. I believe it is everyone’s best interest to try to save a relationship and learn everything possible before leaving it. The key is to look at your part and accept responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It can be amazing how quickly a couple move out of a negative spiral to a positive one. Additionally, I have a special interest and expertise in helping couples heal from infidelity.

Preventative Measures

But just because there can be problems in a relationship, that doesn’t mean there must be or that those challenges must always exist. Rather than waiting until there is something to be resolved, why not sit down with me for some preventative measures. As a counselor, I much prefer to help you strengthen an already healthy relationship than need to rebuild a damaged one. Consequently, there are a number of instances where being proactive is recommended. These include – but are not limited to:


  • When you are just entering the relationship – whether it is as an engaged couple or shortly after getting married/cohabiting.
  • As you are approaching, or have just celebrated, a significant anniversary or milestone.
  • When something – sex, communication, emotions, etc.- seems off, forced, or stilted.
  • When you have extremely different backgrounds, be they social, ethnic, or economical.
  • When you are considering splitting up, or have already split up.
  • When you or your partner are considering a significant career move – especially one that affects other aspects of your lives.

By addressing potential areas for pain before there is a problem, you are strengthening your relationship. After all, even just a few months of couple counseling can take a floundering relationship and make it a flourishing one, and make a strong couple even more successful.

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