Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a renowned holistic chiropractor, teacher, and author. I first experienced Emotion Code while on vacation in Sedona, Arizona. Following the session, I was surprised how calm and peaceful I felt. I knew I needed to learn more first starting with the book Emotion Code, which led me to then pursue certification. I am 1 of more than 5000 certified Emotion Code practitioners around the world.

What Bradley Nelson discovered through prayer, practice and study was that people seem to feel held hostage by their past and have trouble clearing what is holding them back. Trapped emotions can hold you back physically, mentally and emotionally. Emotional energy can become stuck in the body when we are overwhelmed, our defenses are down, or we are unable to fully process emotions. Emotion Code facilitates the therapy of letting these past hurts go. Once these trapped emotions are released, they are gone and will not come back. This gives the client control to live in the here and now. Dr Nelson found that “a significant percentage of physical illnesses, emotional difficulties and self-sabotage are actually caused by these unseen energies.”

My experience with providing therapy for almost thirty years is that there are many benefits and many ways of doing psychotherapy. It helps people to have a safe place to explore their issues and express their true feelings with a nonjudgmental therapist. While it is helpful to understand cognitively what the underlying cause of your emotional issue is it still does not help the client completely resolve it. For example, I worked with a client who had been in therapy on and off for many years with a wonderful therapist. Even though she understood that being put up for adoption as an infant was most likely the cause for her insecurities in relationships, it still did not change those feelings.

The amazing part of Emotion Code is how easily these trapped emotions can be identified and released in a short period of time. Releasing the trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal physically. These emotional difficulties often either disappear or become much easier to deal with.

Another part of doing an Emotion Code session, is releasing inherited emotions. A 2018 UC-Berkley study found it may be possible to receive trapped emotions from your family. If this study and similar others hold up, it suggests that we inherit some trace of our parents’ and even grandparents’ experience, particularly their suffering, which in turn modifies our own day-to-day health — and perhaps our children’s, too. In my practice, I have found this to be true and releasing inherited emotions can make a big difference.

Emotion Code Testimonials

"It is natural to feel skeptical about new therapeutic techniques, however I took a leap of faith with Laura and Emotion Code based on our long-standing therapist/client relationship and her deep knowledge, understanding and personal experience with its success. Emotion Code has allowed me to dig deeper and resolve specific feelings which likely impact my state of mind and decision making. Laura's therapy sessions, in addition to Emotion Code, are invaluable as I work through my divorce. I have definitely gained a clarity and confidence and would highly recommend to those who believe in leaving behind negative ways and moving forward positively in all aspects of life."
62 Year Old Client
"I tried Emotion Code after my mom raved about how good it made her feel. I agree that emotion code helps me to better understand my feelings, but I love it because it releases blockages in my aura and gives me a fresh start in life every time I do it! I also loved hearing that this also works on dogs!"
13 Year Old Client
“Before emotion code. I was feeling a constant anger, aggression, defensiveness. Which all came from being hurt and betrayed throughout my childhood to present day. I finally got to a point with myself where I knew I wanted better for myself and my future. I was ready to face my past traumas instead of running from them. Because I finally wanted peace so bad that I am willing to face all the pain to get there. It’s been 3 months and I can say as someone who has high anxiety, pent up anger, and feeling rejected, betrayed, abandoned. Emotion code has helped me release all kinds of trapped emotions. Things I don’t even remember or have no knowledge of in my conscious mind, but that my subconscious knows. as a result of this, I do not carry as all of this anger waiting for the second, I can release it on someone or over something. I am calmer and at peace with myself. My anxiety has gone down tremendously, even though it is still there. It isn’t as controlling over me, my emotions, and my life anymore. In a way this has set me free from things I never thought I could get over, people I never thought I could forgive, and traumas I never thought could accept and begin to move on from.”
23 Year Old Client

n addition to Emotion Code, some of the newer interventions in therapy focus more on energetic interventions such as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.