Services Overview

As a Charlotte, NC counselor, there are many way that I can help your life and living situation be stronger and healthier. I have spent much time learning the tools and communication skills needed that can help you. As a counselor, my goal is not to focus on the negatives or weakness, but rather to help, encourage and show you how to use your strengths and natural abilities to hone your relationships to be a happier, more productive person in every aspect of your life. I feel that any circumstance and scenario can be overcome and used positively, and that it is important that one learn how to set healthy boundaries and balances so that you can be stronger as an individual or couple.

However, while many might believe that weekly counseling sessions are a must, that is not my philosophy. In many cases, I suggest that my clients come, perhaps, weekly (or even bi-weekly) for the first few times, then begin coming at times more spaced out moving to monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and so on. This approach gives one time to implement the changes and techniques taught and to track how they have progressed.

Regardless of circumstance you find yourself in, despite decisions that have been made, and no matter your age or social status, we can work together to help become better able to navigate life’s challenges and various relationships.

Laura Bass Counseling offers a wide range of individual, couple and adolescent counseling services. Simply click on the links below to learn more about individual services:

I take insurance and am on Aetna, BCBS, CBHA, Magellan. if you have any questions about fees or payment options.