Adolescent Counseling

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a time that can create different emotions and conflicts within a family. The changes that result from puberty /adolescence can cause parents and teens to feel they are frequently engaged in battles and this can lead to unhappiness and detachment. Adolescent therapy can help parents and teens effectively navigate this exciting and tumultuous stage in the life cycle of the family. Teenagers experience peer pressure, self-esteem issues, bodily changes, sexuality, and emotions that they oftentimes do not understand. Teens are working on individuating and this can lead to parents feeling a loss of control, especially if they perceive their teens pushing away or growing up too fast.

It is important to remember that many of these feelings- loss of control, low self-esteem, emotional overload and many other changes, are common. It does not mean that a parent has failed or that a teen is going to struggle indefinitely. Rather, each of these changes and adjustments are a part of the maturing process.

In seeking counselling for your adolescent, you are giving them the tools needed to become adults who know how to deal with conflict, how to best express themselves and how to react when life doesn’t go as planned. I will teach them how to…

  • Celebrate their strengths
  • Cope with peer pressure
  • Be a contributing part of your family both now and in years to come

In fact, rather than waiting until you suspect a problem or perhaps find yourself dealing with negative behaviors, consider setting up appointments. The appointments need not be every week, as it is more important that you are taking action rather doing nothing, for by being preemptive, you are giving your teen the tools they need to succeed. After all, it is always best to minimize the potential for struggle rather than deal with the results of damage.

Providing counseling for your adolescent doesn’t mean there will never be challenges or obstacles to overcome. However, being proactive in helping them learn how to have open communication, engaging in active listening and helping them realize problems are opportunities for growth is far more beneficial than reacting and needing to repair the damage after a problem or negative behavior has manifested.

Adolescent therapy can involve only the teen or can be done in family therapy. In individual sessions, the teen meets would meet with me alone to discuss their concerns. They are encouraged to freely express their thoughts, feelings or concerns in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. It is very beneficial for the teenager to discuss their experiences with an objective professional. This process enables the teen to learn to compromise with parents, change negative behaviors, develop self-understanding and achieve personal growth.

Don’t wait until there is a damaged relationship or serious health threat to make an appointment for your adolescent. Contact my Charlotte, NC office today.